Cake Making Supplies and Tools

If you want to start your own cake business or want to turn a corner of your kitchen into a cake shop then you will need some supplies and tools that will help you make surprisingly beautiful cakes faster and with ease. So here’s a list that may help you find what you will need.

Pastry bag
A pastry bag is used for filling frosting or icing and used for cake decorations. You can make flowers, stars, dots or festoon like designs with this using couplers.

Tips or couplers come in a variety of sizes and can be fitted at the tip of a pastry bag to allow you to create the design you want with ease without any mess. Once you are done, you can cover the couplers with a cap.

Decorating pens
These are pens that can be used for decorating or writing on a cake. They are like thick markers.

Icing spatula
The icing spatula helps spread and flatten the icing on a cake. It is done easily with a spatula meant especially for spreading icing.

Sievers are important for sieving baking flour. At anytime you must have a pair.

Scaper are used to scrape chocolate bars, toffees or coconuts over the cake

Moulds are available for a hundred things. You can choose from stars, round, diamonds, pearl shape etc. Go for the one that is tough to make by sugar craft.

Cake boards
Cake boards are great for preparing and serving the cake. It is not easy to keep shifting a cake every now and then so a cake board can help tremendously. It also gives flat support to the cake, so invest in a dozen.

Spatulas are important for mixing the ingredients, topping them on the cake and flattening frosting is very important in any cake making exercise. Spatulas also help whisking and removing cakes from the baking pan.

A baking oven is prerequisite to any cake making. So make sure you have a good working oven.

Hand gloves
Invest in a pair of hand gloves.  They are very useful while removing cakes from the oven or ice trays from the freezer.

Parchment or wax paper
Parchment or wax paper helps flattening the frosting or helping the cake to be removes easily from the baking pan.

Beaters and Blenders
A set of beaters and blenders is of tremendous help. Whether manual or electronic you must have one.

Silicone mats help rolling batter and even cutting out shapes during sugar craft. They help while making fondant too.

Wire stands and racks
Wire stands and racks help the cakes to cool down letting them have air from all around and give support too.

Baking Pans
Baking pans are an essential to cake making. A set of different sizes of baking pans is an intelligent investment if you want to run a business or a pair is enough for using at home.

Cup cake sleeve
Buy cup cake sleeves before the day or week you want to make cup cakes.

Tube Covers
Buy a few tube covers for your pastry bags if you want to avoid frosting spread all over the place.

Cake Slicer
A cake slicer helps cut the cake evenly without the fear of crumbs falling. You can use it with both hands too.

Cake lifter
A cake lifter is good to serve cake or pass it from one board to another without any harm to the fully decorated cake. You can’t use this is a three tier or two tier cake.

Go take a visit to a cake supplies and tools shop and you will find all that you need to make a perfect cake.