How to make icing and decorate a cake

The next step from learning to make basic cakes is decorating them. Decorating a cake completely depends upon your imagination and attention. If you have a lot of ideas to make some unique cakes you will need some knowledge of icing and how to use it over your cakes. Cake making and decorating is nothing short of an art. You need to understand the tools available, use them well and sometimes when you are a master you can even create your own tools. Why not? Well, for now read on to know how to use icing and decorate a cake.

Things you will need to make icing
All you will need is icing sugar, artificial food colour, water, lots of small sized bowls and a kettle for heating water.

How to make icing

  • Let your cake cool down completely or you will have icing running all over it. Let it cool at room temperature for a while or better refrigerate it for thirty minutes.
  • Now take confectionary sugar or icing sugar. Do not use the granulated form of sugar. For a medium sized cake you will need a cup of icing sugar.
  • Heat little water in a kettle and pout two teaspoons of water in that cup of icing sugar. You do not need a very thick or a running consistency of sugar. You just need it thick enough to be spread on your cake with ease and steadiness.
  • Once you have a good consistency you can add drops of the colour you want your cake to have. Use colour carefully. A drop can give you a lot of colour. You do not want the people’s mouth green or a blue. So use colour with car. Start with a drop and see the effect.
  • You can remove take a little frosting aside and brush it with the coloured icing to see the effect and then use it on the entire cake.
  • Use a paint brush and keep applying strokes of icing. If your icing hardens due to keeping it waiting you can simply it in the microwave for 10 seconds and it will be ready for use again.
  • You can make different designs on your cake. Suppose you are painting a field you can use shades of green to paint it. You can then decorate it with a cone of frosting or with premade decorations or marzipans.
  • On pastries, you can simply pour the icing and let the icing drip. It gives a great appetising effect to the food.
  • You can also spread the layer of icing with the help of a spatula. Pour in the centre and then spread on the sides. You can use a toothed comb like tool to run on the side of your cake and give an absolute professional look.

You can dress the cake my colouring the frosting or using icing from a bag. You can even fill jellies, syrups and fruit shavings onto the cake. You can use these creatively and create unique cakes. So now that you know the tricks  of the cake why not bake one for the next occasion.